My Process

I came from a painting background before deciding to branch into  sculptural work.  Clay became my prefered material to express myself into the third dimension.  I love clay and what I can do with it.  I like to shape form and manipulate it into something that did not exist before.  However my love of color and the brush have remained with me and I find I can use the clay to build form and then paint to decorate it.  I start with a lump of clay and shape it into a figure,  a  building or any subject that  appeal to my sense of touch.  After a long time and many experiments, I arrived at a way of working that satisfies my creative needs.  Sometime I use molds to slump clay into its  cavity and leave it inside until  it has firmed a little before lifting it out.  
 Other times I use the potters wheel and alter the thrown clay until I get the form I want as in my flower vases.  I make clay slabs  to construct buildings such as my theaters. After they are assembled I use brushes and colored slips to paint the inside, top, and doors like canvases.  When I see a person on the street or in a public place that piques my imagination, I take a lump of clay to shape it to my satisfaction as in my whistles.
© 2017 Carla Lombardi