In my ceramic work I explore the forces that conflicts, obsessions, childhood memories and popular culture have on my psyche.  Sometimes the work begins with a vague idea  that niggles at me until it takes a particular form.  At other times, is informed by people I have met and sights I have seen – all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players –to quate Shakespeare.  I depict nudes or partially clothed figures in front of modern buildings in urban landscapes.  The incongruity of these images is intentional – it is my way of expressing human vulnerability in the modern world

I communicate my ideas with my hands by forming clay into stories. My ceramic theaters are filled with figures drawn from life, my imagination, and early travels while growing up in Italy. The action is live; two freestanding figurative ceramic whistles stand at center stage and command the audience. The surfaces, inside and out, are inspired by movie theaters, and show two-dimensional images. I complement the theaters with wall hung ceramic portraits and narrative plates representing a close-up of the actors depicted in the theaters. These works perform the role of posters and billboards of the actions and the cast of characters that populate my stories.


© 2017 Carla Lombardi